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Free-to-use infographics about the Syria crisis, the Supporting Syria and the Region conference, and the work of the co-hosts

Pledging update as of 20 May 2016

London Conference Pledge update_20 May_all

Download this graphic as a PDF: London Conference Pledging update 20 May 2016

Overview: 2016 Syria Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) and 2016-17 Syria Regional Refugee & Regional Response Plan (3RP)

2016 Syria HRP-2016-2017 3RP Overview

PDF version: 2016 Syria HRP-2016-2017 3RP overview

For more UN infographics about the Syria crisis, please visit Reliefweb or the UN OCHA Syria website


About the Supporting Syria and the Region, London 2016 conference


The UK: Syria humanitarian crisis update, 11 Jan 2016



Germany: Educational programmes for refugee children

Infographic about German support for education in response to the Syria crisis


Norway: Response to Syria crisis

Infographic on Norway contribution

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