Basic Rules in Playing Blackjack Online

Like any game of chance, the soul of a blackjack game lies on getting the perfect winning hand. In blackjack the goal is to get a sum of twenty-one. As any online casino game, the goal is therefore – to win. But analyzing the permutations and combinations of getting a perfect pair, though it is always possible, not everyone is lucky enough. Most players end up with several cards in their hands and still lose the game.

In simple terms, as for starters, how is online black jack really played? First, there should be a dealer and a player. (In a casino game, one can expect a multitude of players betting.) The dealer is the one who gives the cards to the players. The player is the one who bets. Each card has a corresponding numerical worth. Cards 2 to 10 are worth the amount written on its face while jacks, queens and kings are equivalent to 10. An A or Ace can be used as either 1 or 11, depending on the option of the player.

From a deck of cards, the dealer then draws two (2) cards for each player. (In casino games, a dealer has several decks of cards.) He then deals 2 cards to each player. Every player will be given a chance to draw more cards to arrive at a sum of 21. To take a hit is to draw one more card. If the player hits and exceeds the sum of 21 his hand is called busted and he loses his bet and is out of that hand.

The following are the other options a player may choose: stand, double down, split or surrender. To stand is to take no action. To double down is to draw one more card before making a stand. When both cards have the same value, the player may opt to split the hand and draw two cards for each. This allows him to choose which pair to bet for. The player may also choose to surrender or forfeit half of his bet although most casinos nowadays do not allow surrendering.

The primary goal is to have cards with a sum of 21 or less which will have a higher sum than what the dealer has dealt themselves.

If the dealer’s hand busts, all the players automatically win. (Blackjack always favors the dealer). If the dealer and the player arrive with exactly the same sum of cards, it is called a push which is a tie. If this happens, neither wins. The player may take his money back or stay in the game and take a chance on winning twice the amount of his bet.

In all games, the dealer always reveals one card to the players and keeps the other one unknown. The player then is given the chance to take his move. After the player has been given the option, the dealer then reveals his other card. But if the dealer’s hand does not sum up to at least 17 he has to draw more cards until he reaches that point value 17 or higher.

In online casino games, blackjack bets are independent of each other. Winning bets are paid on a one-to-one ratio. But some casinos in Malaysia give more, depending on their promo or who the players are.

Basic Rules in Playing Blackjack Online

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